Buying a home is like buying a beautiful four-wall boundary that blocks out all the stress and gives you a comfortable space to live, breathe, and build memories with your loved ones. So, when you step out to buy a home, you have many questions.

Is the home you’re considering safe and secure?

What is the age, condition and major repairs?

Should I get the RICS home survey? Or of what level?

All these questions make sense, and getting the answers right is essential to avoid scams or bad experiences. But who will answer your questions?

Well, a surveying company is a professional body that can help you navigate the process with utmost responsibility. However, if you are living in the UK, the juggle of finding and inspecting a home is the real deal. In this case, Surveying People is one of the trusted platforms for RICS Home Survey Level 3 for a smooth surveying process.

Before we discuss the levels of Home Surveys, it is essential to understand Them and their role in helping you make an informed decision.

What Are Home Surveys?

Home Surveys are in-depth inspections of the four-wall building we call home. They are professional reports designed by surveyors using their skills and knowledge to inspect a property’s condition. In simple words, a home survey is a thorough examination of the property’s structure and condition to highlight what is hidden from the naked eye. 

The purpose of a Home survey is to evaluate the stability of a building and find out how long it can last to help the new owners make an informed decision at the right time.  The home survey report consists of the following details.

  • Background and property location
  • Construction details
  • Potential repairs or significant defects
  • Neighbourhood details
  • Detailed costing

Based on the information, the home surveys are divided into three basic levels: 1, 2, and RCIS Home Survey Level 3.

Understanding the RICS Levels Of Home Survey

Level 1

The level 1 home survey is also known as a condition report. As the name suggests, it highlights the house’s visible and invisible conditions, from significant defects to potential risks. At this survey level, the surveyor visits the building to find the substantial defects and potential risks.

In other words, it is the primary health check of a building where the surveyor discusses the construction of the home, its present condition, and for how long it can stay with you. 

Level 2

It is a mid-level inspection stage in which the surveyor focuses on helping you understand the interior and exterior of your building. Although it is a bit more detailed than level 1, it highlights the major building components, including the foundation details, electrical and sanitation information, and other visible aspects. 

The best thing about this level of Home Survey is that it gives you a comprehensive picture of the home you dream of purchasing. It identifies potential problems and possible repairs and helps you decide before investing in a random building.

Level 3 

The RICS Home Survey Level 3 is a detailed building assessment, including all the possible details, from construction to surroundings. This home survey aims to finalise the deal after you have the possible insights in your hands.

The level 3 home survey breaks down the property condition into an inspection that includes all the strengths and weaknesses of your building. It includes both visible and invisible defects and minimal and major risks to give you a thorough understanding of the home you choose to purchase.

Things To Keep In Mind

Home surveys are professional visits of surveyors, and they demand proper training, skills and knowledge. To complete the survey, contact a professional body like Surveying People for a complete picture of the building. 

However, if you choose a random company for your surveyors, the results will be a good use of money. So, if you are looking for someone for RICS Home Survey Level 3, find one at Surveying People. Their surveyors are highly qualified and have years of experience. You can consider them to assess the potential outcomes and arrive at a well-informed conclusion before purchasing a home for yourself. 

So, what is stopping you? Contact our team and exercise good judgment before buying a home.

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