It's a common scenario for buyers eager to conduct surveys yet unsure about the specific type of RICS Survey London they require. We understand this confusion and aim to address it comprehensively in this article. We will mention the level and types of the surveys for a better understanding.

Level of Surveys:

There are two different levels of surveys. The first one is the Level 2 RICS Home Survey, and the second one is the Level 3 Home Survey. The Level 2 survey is good for small properties, and the Level 3 survey is appropriate for building surveys. Level 3 is more detailed than Level 2 and so is more expensive.

Types of the Homebuyer Survey:

There are various types of these surveys. Each one is designed to do a different job, and everyone must choose the survey accordingly. Let’s dig deeper and find out what type of survey would be right for you.

Location Survey:

The first type of survey that we have got to mention is the location survey. Some people confuse location survey with boundary survey, but they are not the same. In the location survey, the surveyor tells you about the places where different things are located, like fences, borders, etc. He does this with the help of a map. Because this survey is kind of superficial, it is also cheaper than other surveys.

Boundary Survey:

The next one is the boundary survey, which we mention right after the location survey to avoid confusion. Where the location survey tells you about locations, the boundary survey tells you about your boundaries. It will tell you how far you can stretch the fences that you saw in your location survey. It will tell you where your neighbour's boundaries start. This survey is detailed, so it is high in pricing, too.

Topographic Survey:

The other type of survey from the RICS Survey London is the topographic survey. This survey is not usually done by the general population because this comes under the government or professionals in the field. In the topographic survey, we discover man-made or natural features, such as buildings, fences, trees, elevations, etc.  There are ground field methods and aerial photography through which these surveys are held. This type of survey is suitable for site planning or development, grading, drainage, bridges, etc. This is known to be one of the most expensive surveys.

Physical Survey:

The next type of survey is the physical survey. This is different from all the other kinds of construction because it is done in the middle of construction work. When the construction is being processed, this survey is done to check if everything is being done according to rules and regulations. This is also not a typical survey done for the general population but for higher authorities. It is also among the most expensive ones. This survey is also called an As-built survey.

Route Survey:

The last type we have to mention is the route survey. As the name suggests, it is done during energy and transportation projects. In this survey, the project routes are understood for the owner's convenience. These are not popular surveys because they are done under certain conditions. That does not change the fact that they are also expensive surveys.


Before getting any of the types of RICS Survey London done, you should get all the necessary details. It will benefit you to know what you want to get and how much money you can spend.

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