What are the Pitfalls of Not Getting an RICS Survey?

Buying or selling a house is one of the most prominent financial investments a person ever makes in his life. When you are making any major investment, you want to make it secure legally by consulting a professional Home Buyer Surveyor and taking his advice. Consulting a technical will cost you some money, but he will inspect the property impartially and give you an unbiased analysis of its condition. This will help you avoid multiple difficulties related to the property in the future. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled some usual pitfalls experienced by those who decide not to have a survey on the property of their interest.

You Can’t Assure an Accurate Valuation

Normally, a property can pass through two types of valuation, i.e. mortgage valuation and a property survey. These valuations are often confused with each other as both are conducted to carry out a precise assessment of a building’s worth. However, the mortgage valuation protects the benefits of lenders and allows them to determine whether the building is safe to lend upon or not. But is it unlikely you will obtain a copy of the mortgage valuation report? But in a private RICS Survey, the surveyor will work irrespective of the lender. He will make sure to identify all the potential defects of the property before you proceed with the purchase.

You Will Be Cutting Out On Expert Advice

For most people, a survey offers them a rare opportunity to get impartial and independent advice from a Professional Surveyor having years of experience in the relative field. The RICS specialists will utilize their skills in the housing market to point out any potential flaws, helping you in your final purchase decision. Securing the advice of a professional property expert who has been working in the industry for quite a time will be invaluable. By requesting them to carry out property analysis, proposing its actual market worth will aid you in getting the best deal for the property. The surveyors have bespoke knowledge of the local market as well as have an understanding of any prevailing environmental risks, such as flooding or subsidence.

Avoid the Upcoming Costs

After receiving the report, you can better understand the property value and the identified defects. This includes all the flaws and shortcomings within the property that would be difficult for a layperson to identify. This is where a Building Survey could save you thousands of pounds in the long run. After taking into account potential property issues, you can bargain with the owner to cover the repair and maintenance cost at the demanding price.

Peace of Mind

After hiring a technical expert and getting an unbiased property report, you can assure that you are making a confident and informed judgment depending on the surveyor’s advice. Getting an RICS survey done in a few pounds on the property can save you thousands of pounds in the future that you might have to spend on repair; if you don’t pass the building through a survey. You can avail the impartial services of SURVEYING PEOPLE if you are planning a property survey. Go and check out their website. https://surveyingpeople.com/

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