How Is An Energy Performanc Certificate Carried Out?

Whether you choose to rent or buy your property, for domestic or commercial purposes, you should always ensure that you have received an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This document is a crucial aspect of your property as it presents the results of a survey which was carried out on the property by a professional EPC surveyor and their findings on how energy efficient your property is. 


An Energy Performance Certificate must be also issued when the occupation of a property changes hands, regardless of whether you are a landlord, renting a house, purchasing or selling one.


The Process for a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Survey 

Your domestic EPC surveyors will examine a variety of variables during their visit to your property in order to assess its energy efficiency and assign it an "energy rating." To do the EPC survey properly, the surveyor will require access to every area of the property.


Here are some of the aspects of your property that the surveyor will take into consideration: 

  • The property’s size.
  • How much insulation the property has.
  • The construction type of the property. 
  • How you will light the property. 
  • What heating system does the property have and how is it controlled? 
  • The ventilation to the property.  


They can then use this data to rate the property's energy efficiency on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least.


What Happens After Your Assessment?

You will receive the Energy Performance Certificate following the examination. Four components will make up the certificate: 

  • Information about the property, the assessment date, a reference number, and the typical energy costs for a dwelling of that type.
  • An environmental impact CO2 rating as well as the A–G energy efficiency rating.
  • The assessor's suggestions for improving the building's energy efficiency as well as if you would be qualified for assistance through the Green Deal.
  • A list of the property's attributes and their u-value energy ratings.


The size of your property and the ease of access to every area of the house will determine how much time the surveyor needs to spend on your property. The EPC procedure is comprehensive, but as long as you have reasonable access to every area of your property, it won't cause much disruption. It can help to increase a building's energy efficiency in addition to being a legal requirement when you sell or rent it.


About Surveying People 

Our team of fully qualified domestic energy assessors is available to assist you whether you need your Energy Performance Certificate within 48 hours or the following working day. One of our domestic energy assessors will visit your residence to do a domestic energy assessment after you simply schedule a survey appointment with your preferred date and time. Within 48 hours, we will produce and provide your Energy Performance Certificate.


Here at Surveying People, we make the Energy Performance Certificates process easy. For more information, or to receive a quote on our EPC surveys, fill in our form here. Or, speak to one of our EPC surveyors today and call us on 020 8203 1281. 


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