Home Buyers Survey Vs Building Survey In London

There are two survey levels usually offered to homeowners Home Buyers Survey, London (also known as a home condition report) vs Building Survey (also called Level 3 survey).

This blog will highlight the difference between each survey and explain when a complete building survey is required.

Our Operating Standards

Our reports are in line with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. We strictly follow the RICS guidelines, and our reports are generated in the light of legal guidelines.

What Do We Mean By A Home Condition Report?

This is the cheapest survey we offer to our clients and is designed to provide valuable information to home buyers. The report will bring to light any serious or urgent defects. The examination assesses all the visible and accessible parts of the building. The report we provide is based on a snapshot of the time of the Building Condition.

How Much Does The Report Cost?

The price range varies depending on the property’s location, size, and complexity. We recommend our clients a full building survey in case of more complex properties.

Who Else Should Get A Home Condition Report?

All the properties have standard constructions built around the 1930s; a Home Condition Report would be best. If you are still unsure, which option will work best for you, we will help you. We will happily discuss all the details with you.

Why Should I Conduct A Home Buyers Survey, London?

Buying a house is probably the largest investment of your life, and for such a significant investment, it is good to spend a small fraction of money. By carrying out a survey, you will get a mental peace that you are getting a flawless property and are not suffering from any defects. The report will also give you an understanding of how severe those defects are. A common person’s eye doesn’t notice many defects, and you need a professional to highlight those subtle defects like issues with load-bearing walls and roof structure. Hence we recommend you a professional survey.

What Is A Full Building Survey?

A full Building Survey is a comprehensive survey of all the accessible areas of the property to identify all the major defects or urgent repairs. It also includes all the moderate and minor repairs that you haven’t noticed and didn’t include in your budget. A building survey also gives you detailed advice regarding subsidence or dampness.

The survey will also advise the appropriate age of key building elements, furniture, and hidden defects. For instance, the survey will advise you that the house’s roof is 50 years old and needs replacement in the next five years, putting you in a position to renegotiate the offer.

How Much Does A Building Survey Cost?

It usually costs more than a Homebuyers survey and depends on the property’s location, size, and complexity.

Who Requires A Complete Building Survey?

Experts recommend this survey for older properties that were constructed before 1920, particularly the stone-built, older timber frame, and terraced. This survey is a good option for buildings that have had major alterations in the past or have been vacant for quite a time and needs refurbishment. Surveying People is a team of chartered professionals that conduct all types of energy and property surveys according to the client’s demand and present the report within five working days. Please spare some time and check out our website to know more about our services.

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