What Will You Get In A Home Buyer Report Inspection?

Buying a house is often the most significant life investment for many people. Persons purchasing a home for the first time don’t know where

to start and have many questions hitting their minds. They are usually very anxious and aren’t sure what to expect in the next steps of the home buying

journey. Surveyors encounter questions like “What is in a home buyer report?” and “What parts are covered under inspection? This article will give you a

vivid picture of the Home Buyer Survey Report.

What Will Be Inspected?

In simple words, a surveyor will examine the inside and outside of the main building and the permanent outbuildings. Still, they do not

open up the fabric. The surveyor will also examine gas/oil, electricity, water, drainage and heating services. Roofs, chimneys and other surfaces outside the

building are inspected in the survey from ground level. In case of need, neighboring public property can also be examined with the help of binoculars.

If there is access, the surveyor will examine the roof structure inside the roof. The surveyor will also inspect the floor and underfloor surfaces if access to them. The report will not cover any boiler, chimney, or other flues inside condition assessment.

What Will You Get?

The survey will help you get an idea about the house’s overall condition. The surveyor will give condition ratings to the main elements of the building, garage and some outside parts. The ratings are given in a traffic light signal to be easy to understand and interpret. The report covers all the

matters that can affect the value of your property. 


Serious Defects

Inspect and indicate severe defects that need to be repaired or replaced. It is good to discuss these areas with the seller before buying the house, or at least you should be aware of the costs that you will incur in the future while repairing these issues after purchasing the property.

Defects That Are Not Urgent

Generally, these defects are usual wear and tear that happen with time. They don’t need immediate replacement or repairing, but they can affect

the value of your house in the future. Hence, address these defects before they can turn into serious problems.

No Repair Is Needed Currently

Don’t worry about these areas as they do not need any repair. But as an owner of the property, it is beneficial to carry out annual home inspections and general maintenance from time to time.

Not Inspected Areas

The surveyor will only conduct a visual inspection for a Home Buyer Report. The surveyor does not take up floor coverings and carpets, move furniture or remove the contents of the cupboards. The surveyor does not undo electrical fittings or remove secured panels.

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