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What is a Building Survey?

What better way to ensure you are getting the right information and price than a building survey on your property? RICS Qualified surveyors will extensively assess aspects of your property to give you an accurate estimate that can then be used to determine your next steps. So, let’s have a closer look at what a building survey entails and how our services can help you. 

What is a Level 3 Building Survey?

The Level 3 RICS Building Survey is the most comprehensive report on the property’s structure and condition. The survey is tailored to the specific requirements of the building and can be carried out on various types of properties. 

Compared to Level 1 and Level 2, the Level 3 inspection involves a team of surveyors visiting the property and preparing a report that contains detailed information and evidence to determine an accurate valuation of the property and issues that need addressing.

Since RICS sets the guidelines for surveyors, it is crucial to confirm that the surveyor you choose is within their regulations. Doing so will guarantee that the advice you receive is independent, expert advice from qualified professionals. At Surveying People, our team consists of RICS Qualified Surveyors and Domestic Energy Assessors. With over 30 years of experience, we conduct all types of building surveys to the highest standard in the industry and within regulations. Find out more about our services here. 

What Does Level 3 Include?

The building survey report will detail the state of each component of the home, point out faults, their apparent causes, the need for immediate repair and maintenance alternatives, and an estimate of the repair costs.

Following the actual survey, a report will be comprised that details certain areas of interest. This includes the introduction to the report, which outlines the purpose and conditions of the inspection. There will be details that state the property’s overall condition, including the number of rooms, how old the property is and its location on the market and surrounding environment. The report will include all findings of what was discovered by the RICS-qualified surveyors during the building survey. This will detail the external condition, internal features and the utilities and services in place (such as electricity, gas and drainage). 

However, with the Level 3 Building Survey, more detailed information will be given for not just the property itself, but also external factors that may impact the valuation. This may include environmental matters, such as flood risks or contamination and matters for the legal advisor, including regulations and planning permissions that may need to be obtained.

From all this information, our London surveyors will be able to recommend the market value of the property and a summary of the general condition, including the most concerning repairs that need to be made. The Level 3 Building Survey can then be used to re-negotiate the property’s price. 

When Should You Choose an RICS Building Survey?

Previously, we discussed the different types of residential surveys you can obtain. Each survey has certain advantages and disadvantages to them, which depending on your specifications, may appeal to you. For example, though the cheapest survey, the Level 1 Condition Report only identifies issues on what can be visibly seen without going into detail. So, this is only ideal when a homeowner only needs a broad assessment of the condition.

However, the Level 3 Building Survey offers a full scope of the property, including elements that are not seen and compared to the overall environment. This report is ideal for properties that are historically unique or listed buildings, older than 50 years or have unconventional features. Also, if there are plans to have renovation work or if the property is in bad condition, a Level 3 Building Survey is worth considering. As it is the most detailed report, this is reflected in the cost. Make sure you work with your London surveyors to ensure you are getting the best survey specifically for your property’s needs. 

What Common Issues Can Be Found in a Survey?

In a detailed building survey, certain issues typically are brought up, which are then stated in the report. This can include:

  • Poor ventilation or dampness
  • Electrical or drainage problems
  • Asbestos
  • Issues with the roof

Surveying People

At Surveying People, our London surveyors cover areas including the North, North West, Harrow and Central boroughs. Our surveying services range from the RICS Condition Survey (Level 1) to the most comprehensive Building Survey (Level 3). 

For more information, or to receive a quote on our residential surveys, fill in our form here. Or, speak to one of our homebuyer surveyors today and call us on 020 8203 1281.


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