Difference between

Home Survey Level 2 and Level 3

Are you planning to buy a home but unable to complete its assessment because you are stuck with work? Are you seeking professional help to understand the house you are getting? Do not worry anymore—we have you covered. You can take a back seat and leave the rest to us. With RICS Home Survey level 2 and level 3, we will provide you with all the required details. However, let’s understand what home buyer surveys are.

What is a Home Buyer Survey?

When people decide to buy a house and want to have it assessed by a professional to find the hidden and unhidden details, it is called a home buyer survey. With the help of our experts at Surveying People, hundreds of people get their homes surveyed each year to see if they fulfill their requirements. This leads us to the following question: what is the difference between a level 2 and 3 survey? Let’s dive right in and find out the differences for better understanding.

What is RICS Home Survey Level 2?

The first type of survey is the level 2 survey. This survey covers various details when the professional goes for home assessment. The Level 2 RICS Home Survey is slightly cheaper than the level 3 survey. Furthermore, it covers less information than the level 3 survey. In the level 2 home survey, the aspects that are covered are:

A comprehensive review of the building of the house. The surveyor will check the building externally and internally for all the information. The surveyor assesses if there is any severe damage to the house that can affect the property. The drainage condition alongside the roofing is thoroughly evaluated.

In the level 2 survey, the surveyor will check for any immediate problem. The level 2 surveys are also highly detailed and mainly cover modern properties. A survey will give you complete insights into whether you should get the home or not.

What is RICS Home Survey Level 3?

The second type of survey is the level 3 survey, which is more comprehensive and definitely more expensive than the level 2 survey. The level 3 survey covers extensive details and is mostly done on older buildings. The next question is: What do we cover in the level 3 survey? Let's find out. The level 3 survey gives you a detailed review of the house's condition. But, unlike level 2, it covers more details, both minor and major.

Level 3 RICS Home Survey also covers the costs you will need to spend in the upcoming years. The dampness of the house, along with the roofing, is gauged by the professional. In the level 3 survey, you get extra details like the location, the materials used in the construction, and how it was built. Additionally, you get to have everything that is covered in the level 2 survey.

Why Must You Get Professional Surveys Done?

If you have not been building houses, you might not be able to assess at first glance what is wrong with the home. Conversely, when professional surveyors from Surveying people visit the house, they immediately understand what needs to be changed. It does not matter if you get a RICS Home Survey Level 2 or

Level 3 done; it is surely going to save you a lot. By saving, we do not mean only money but also your time. Home surveys are like a win-win situation. You

either get the house of your dreams or are saved from a nightmare in the form of a house.

Final Thoughts:

If you are still considering getting a survey done, we suggest you get one. In the long run, it will help you in all ways possible. This will be cost-effective and lead you to the reality of your dreams within no time.

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